BPI 1MR Pre Workout Supplement Review

BPI Sports is a company that is well-known in the fitness product industry and often comes up in the discussion of the best pre workout supplements.  In this post we’re going to be looking at BPI’s 1MR Pre Workout Supplement, which you may be thinking of using to try and improve your in-gym performance, let’s find out together if it’s a good option for you.

What’s in 1MR Pre Workout Supplement?

I’ve included the nutritional information for the original formula fruit punch supplement so we can analyze it.

First you’ll see that it’s very low in calories, which for pre-workout supplements is usually a good sign.  It’s a good sign because some companies will just load up their product with sugar so you get a sugar ‘rush’ but then you crash during your workout, which you want to avoid.

BPI 1MR Pre Workout nutritionEssentially there is only the proprietary energy mix, a term if you’ve read other articles on this site you know I hate.  It’s basically a legal excuse for a company to not tell you how much of anything is in the product…great for people trying to know what they’re putting in their bodies…not.

Anyways, assuming the quantities of each ingredient are reasonable we can at least look at the ingredients and try and ascertain the usefulness of the product as a whole.  The leading ingredient is one of my favorites, beta-alanine.  If you want more information on beta alanine check out some of the studies behind pre workout supplements I summarized on the homepage.  In short it works, and it works really well to slow acid build up in your muscles, which in turn reduces fatigue accumulation.

So far so good; Next up is creatine monohydrate, which is a solid product.  However, without knowing the amount it’s really hard to say if it’s good or bad in this situation.  Creatine supplements work by raising the creatine levels in your muscles (phosphocreatine), which in turn allows you to synthesize energy (ATP) faster while training, allowing you to work harder.  Creatine is a safe supplement as long as you don’t go crazy with it.  If you start taking too much Creatine your muscles can’t absorb it and it will have to be removed from your bloodstream by your kidneys – not good.  I would assume BPI is smart enough to consider this and limit the amount of creatine to under the daily safe dose but I can’t be sure.  I would recommend because of this that you don’t use this supplement more than every other day to be on the safe side.

In summary for the creatine, it’s a good effective supplement when taken regularly with the right dosage, unfortunately because this is a proprietary blend we don’t know how much is in it.  Overall a positive ingredient, we just want to be cautious just in case.  If you want to learn more about creatine supplementation check out this site.

There are 2 final ingredients I want to look at, which are L-arginine and caffeine.  Now on the homepage I looked at L-arginine specifically because it’s the Nitric oxide precursor.  However, all the studies indicate that the body compensates for the extra nitric oxide very quickly so L-arginine really won’t have much of an effect.  Caffeine on the other hand has been well-studied and known to be beneficial for alertness and focus and is a good inclusion.

Overall Summary of BPI 1MR Pre Workout

I’ll try to keep this last part short, I know it’s been a long article.  We’ve seen that there are some good quality ingredients in BPI 1MR Pre Workout, but we don’t know exactly how much unfortunately.  It shares a lot of characteristics with the other top pre workout supplements and in my opinion deserves to be put on that same top level.  It is a quality product, with no large downfalls from what I can see, and is good value for a decent price.

At this point I would encourage you to do one of two things.  Either go to the homepage and use the comparison chart in order to look at some of the other pre workout supplements, or go read more reviews of BIP 1MR Pre Workout on Amazon, which will give you a good idea of the experiences other people have had with it.

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